About us

Cote D? Azur established in the year 2014, with a novel approach to building luxury high end homes to cater our client’s preferences. The company has extensive experience in investments in real estate in various countries such as Singapore, United Arab Emirates, India. In Canada too, the company is well established and performing impressively. The company?s invaluable experience and insights will enable the company to discover better opportunities than othercompanies and give Cote D? Azur an edge against other companies.

The company has its principle office located at 03-170 Ambassador Drive, Mississauga, On, L5T 2H9.

Our team believes in serving our customers with the highest quality of service, integrity and safety resultingin customer satisfaction. It?s your one stop shop for all your home needs!

?We’re a full-service design & build company, managing any project from concept through design, zoning, permits,construction and interior design.?

We have renovated homes of all shapes and sizes ? from general home renovation projects involving new floors,work spaces, storage, finishing the basement and, of course, enlarging the house. While the most popular projectstoday are thoughtfully designed and professionally installed kitchens and bathrooms ? we are proud of all the work we do.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of in-house architects, interior designers, contractors, real estate agentsand team leaders who?have invaluable experience in the industry. Our team will be your key factor in making your dream home come true!

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